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We're changing the way retailers think about retail analytics.


Braiytvu combines artificial intelligence (AI) with cameras to provide businesses and organizations with real-time object detection and customer analytics– All without using personal data.

If you’re a savvy business owner and want to succeed in the digital economy, you need to know how to collect, process, manage and use data as a commodity.


Accurate data and footfall analysis can be used by retailers to glean a deep understanding of store sales and customer behaviour.

wait time management

Retail analytics and footfall analysis are two of the most powerful metrics retailers rely on to power their queue management systems.

Shopper Insights

For a successful retail strategy, you need to know how consumers behave in every part of your store.

Predictive sales analytics

Sales forecasts that are informed by predictive sales analytics rest primarily on the quality of the historical data it pulls from. 

Saving You Time And Money

Manually observing and counting foot traffic in real-time is both time consuming and costly, making it a daunting task. Learn how BraiytVu automates this using computer vision AI.


Wait Time Monitoring

Wait time counting helps retailers identify wait times and lengths— Which can help improve customer service and experience.


Queue live data will help store management deploy staff where they are needed based on real-time data. While staff scheduling can be planned using historical data.

Eliminate lineups– Increasing customer satisfaction. Reduce wait times. Decrease cart abandonment.

Easy Integration With Video


BraiytVu continually counts people within your facility to provide accurate and up-to-date data on the population and density of your premises. Whether it’s meeting local safety regulations, understanding consumer behaviour or simply knowing how many customers you have, this is indispensable information for effective operations.


BraiytVu’s statistics can also be retrieved by day or month for closer analysis to look for trends and patterns.

Using video feed from existing security cameras at store entrances, BraiytVu’s AI algorithms calculate and tabulate in real-time the population on-premises!


BraiytVu's Analytics Manager

BraiytVu is an all-in-one footfall analytics solution for retail, commercial and public spaces that captures data about customer interactions with a business.


BraiytVu provides actionable data to optimize business operations by enabling the ability to monitor in-store customer interactions, queue times, zone coverage, customer journey and more.

It’s a completely new way to run your retail business. Use the power of BraiytVu to get the metrics that matter most. 

BraiytVu creates reports based on your chosen customer analytics to turn your data into insights. With numbers that are actionable, you will be able to access a clear view of your store operations and make decisions that drive performance success.

Image by KP Ivanov

Heat Map

Where do customers spend their time in your store? Where are the bottlenecks? Does traffic move smoothly?


You may not currently know the answers to these questions. This is where BraiytVu comes in -a computer vision solution designed to help you better “see” your store and assist you to make smarter business decisions.

Using video feed from existing cameras, BraiytVu counts and presents information on the number of people in different zones within your store via a heat map. By viewing the numbers and traffic patterns over time, your teams can make data-driven decisions to improve sales and save you money. 

Image by Viktor Bystrov


Find True Power In Your Data.

Online retailers have historically held an advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar due to the wealth of consumer data at their fingertips and the immediacy with which they can analyze this data for business decisions. Now, traditional retailers are closing this gap and saving money with computer vision-enabled AI.


Customer Metrics: Immediate and at Your Fingertips.

BraiytVu provides actionable information, as well as valuable insights on customer behaviour, delivered in real-time.

  • Validate marketing campaigns, advertisements, and product placements

  • Correlate zone population with sales statistics

  • Understand waiting times 

  • Identify congestion and/or underutilized space

  • Optimize staff scheduling based on store population

  • Enrich Point-of-Sale information

What About Privacy?

BraiytVu does not use facial recognition, nor does it record the images of individuals.


BraiytVu simply counts people and maps their locations on the premises for store management. The privacy of individuals is thus fully respected and protected

No Biometric Data

Full Regulatory Compliance


More Than Just Retail.

BraiytVu can detect and identify objects in the field of view of cameras. This can make it useful for a variety of business cases beyond the retail sector. 







Warsame Ahmed, Co-Founder & CEO

The labour shortage has been a challenge for many industries, including the retail industry. Stores of all sizes have historically struggled with staffing challenges, these challenges have now reached new levels. At Braiyt, our aim is to deliver innovative AI technology to save labour costs and overcome these challenges.


Tamey McIntosh, Co-Founder & COO

Online retailers have historically held an advantage over traditional brick and mortar due to the wealth of consumer data they have at their fingertips and the immediacy with which they can analyze this data for business decisions. Now, traditional retailers are closing this gap and saving money with AI- enabled computer vision.


Gaston Barban, VP Business Development

Shopping anxiety is common among consumers. The ongoing pandemic has created new challenges and introduced more uncertainty to consumers. Our aim is to ensure retailers have innovative technology that will help their customers feel more comfortable with real-time occupancy monitoring powered by computer vision AI. 


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We are looking to go far and are open to partnerships and joint ventures to help retailers succeed with AI.