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What We Will Do For Your Business.

A New Way To See Your Business.

BraiytVu provides benefits to both marketing and operations at the company’s stores and provides the potential for enhanced promotions and product placements. As well as operational and resource efficiencies across its network.

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Easy Integration With Video Network


A ground-level understanding of the consumer experience translates into a better customer experience.

Do you know the customer’s mindset once they’re inside your store?


Do you know where your customers spend most of their time? Or if it’s easy for them to find what they’re looking for?


If not,  BraiytVu's Customer Journey will give you real-time insights into your customers in your stores.


Measuring customer behaviour can help you increase your revenues.

Predictive analytics is hard, but not with BraiytVu.


Getting started with predictive analytics doesn't have to be a guessing game. BraiytVu's AI-driven solutions add insight into customer activities by taking better optimized historical data which will improve your ability to make confident decisions in your business.

How It Works.

Capture Data with your CCTV Cameras. 

Footfall Traffic, People Counting, Customer Journey, & Heatmap Analysis.

Cloud Processing

Privacy Aware Technology. 

BraiytVu Analytics Dashboard. 

Actionable Insights.

Customized report formats.




BraiytVu continually counts people in the store or facility to give managers accurate, up-to-date information on occupancy. Whether it is meeting local safety regulations or simply knowing how many customers there are, this is indispensable information for effective operations.


In order to understand the needs of your customers, it is crucial to “walk a mile in their shoes.” Customer journey mapping helps you do this by identifying how your customers interact with your product. Doing so successfully can help you see the world through your customers' eyes.

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BraiytVu comes with a customer metrics dashboard that can be viewed on a phone, tablet or computer, at management’s fingertips. It instantly provides both real-time information as well as cumulative statistics by week or month, as required.


“Congestion in Aisle 4”, “Approaching occupancy limit”, “Customer-staff ratio exceeded” - These are some of the things that BraiytVu can “see” and immediately notify managers to better run their businesses.



Sales forecasts can be informed by predictive sales analytics, which predict future sales and revenue based on a variety of different factors surrounding a given business and its products. The more variables that go into building a predictive model, the more accurate it will be at predicting revenue.



BraiytVu's Retail Heat Map Analytics has a feature that senses every shopper in the scene, generates a summary of their activities such as passersby, impression and dwell, and shows where shoppers passed from any point of the store, where they stopped and how much time they spent.


Historical data analysis of retail space and key zones over a given period of time to determine trends and conduct comparison analysis from days, weeks, or months.


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Where do customers spend their time in your store? Are there bottlenecks? Does traffic move smoothly? BraiytVu can help both sales managers and the operations team make your business better. It's crucial to take the next step and move from analytics to action with customer journey orchestration.


BraityVu’s customer metrics can also be selectively displayed to the public on store monitors. This provides customers with information about store occupancy but also can be effectively used as a promotional tool to highlight products or store sales.

Learn How BraiytVu™ Can Help Transform Your Industry.

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How long do diners spend at each table? How frequently must staff attend to customers?


BraiytVu’s AI object detection software can identify and track customer movements to give restaurateurs data to improve the use of their establishments, better allocate staff and ultimately increase profits.

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Smart City and Transportation

How many people are standing on transit platforms and stations? What about the occupancy rates of buses and trains?

BraiytVu can give city managers accurate and real-time information to better understand commuter patterns and improve the safety and effectiveness of public transportation systems
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Sports Facilities

Whether a stadium, theatre, or music concert, information about spectators is vital to the smooth functioning of facilities and events.

BraiytVu can locate, count and track persons as they attend performances and sporting events to ensure adequate services.
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Facility Management

How many people are in the building? How do they move about on the floors? Where are the points of congestion?

BraiytVu can provide insights for building and facility managers to make their premises more functional and pleasing for work or play.